• Cijin District

    • Dongsha Archaeological Site

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      Dongsha Archaeological Site

      A late 18th Century to 19th Century period ...more
    • Maolin District

    • Wanshan Petroglyphs Archaeological Site

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      Wanshan Petroglyphs Archaeological Site

      1. In 1978, Gao Ye-Rong, a teacher from Pin...more
    • Linyuan District

    • Fongbitou(Jhongkengmen) Archaeological Site

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      Fongbitou(Jhongkengmen) Archaeological Site

      The Fongbitou(Jhongkengmen) Archaeological ...more
    • Zuoying District

    • Archaeological Site of Old Fongshan City

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      Archaeological Site of Old Fongshan City

      1. The site contains cultural layers dating...more

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