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    • Gangshan District

    • Museum of Shadow Puppet

      View Count:748

      Museum of Shadow Puppet

      Situated in Gangshan Distric, Kaohsiung Cit...more
    • Gushan District

    • Dagou Railway Museum

      View Count:1708

      Dagou Railway Museum

      In 1895 (the 28th year of Meiji), the year ...more
    • Jiading District

    • Kuo Chang-hsi Knife & Sword Museum

      View Count:1864

      Kuo Chang-hsi Knife & Sword Museum

      Kuo Chang-hsi Knife & Sword Museum is locat...more
    • Gangshan District

    • Yuren Community Museum

      View Count:793

      Yuren Community Museum

      Introduction to the Cultural Hall:    Yure...more
    • Fongshan District

    • Fongshan Community Museum

      View Count:824

      Fongshan Community Museum

      Fongshan Local Culture Museum was renovated...more
    • Dashu District

    • Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery

      View Count:756

      Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery

      Located behind the Hall of Mahavira of Fogu...more
    • Yancheng District

    • Pier-2 Art Center

      View Count:865

      Pier-2 Art Center

      Pier-2 Art Center, located within Basin No....more
    • Cijin District

    • War Memorial Park

      View Count:988

      War Memorial Park

      War Memorial Park Exhibition Hall, located ...more
    • Zuoying District

    • Kaohsiung Veteran’s Museum

      View Count:1062

      Kaohsiung Veteran’s Museum

      Kaohsiung Veteran’s Museum was rebuilt from...more
    • Yancheng District

    • Kaohsiung Film Archive

      View Count:659

      Kaohsiung Film Archive

      With its grand opening on November 3, 2002,...more

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